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225 lines of code analyzed, in 5 classes, in 1 packages.

Metric Total Density*
High Priority Warnings NaN
Medium Priority Warnings NaN
Low Priority Warnings 1 4.44
Total Warnings 1 4.44

(* Defects per Thousand lines of non-commenting source statements)


Warning Type Number
Performance Warnings 1
Total 1


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Performance Warnings

Warning Priority Details
Could be refactored into a static inner class Low

The class$ApacheFromServer could be refactored into a _static_ inner class

In file, lines 131 to 179
In class$ApacheFromServer
At[lines 131-179]

Warning Types

Could be refactored into a static inner class

This class is an inner class, but does not use its embedded reference to the object which created it except during construction of the inner object.  This reference makes the instances of the class larger, and may keep the reference to the creator object alive longer than necessary.  If possible, the class should be made into a static inner class. Since the reference to the outer object is required during construction of the inner instance, the inner class will need to be refactored so as to pass a reference to the outer instance to the constructor for the inner class.