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HTTP Plugin

Do you need to make HTTP requests from your build environment? Do you like HttpBuilder-NG? Do you like Gradle? Well then this plugin is for you! It allows the configuration and execution of HTTP requests as Gradle tasks, using HttpBuilder-NG and any of its supported client implementation libraries.


The plugin encapsulates the functionality of the HttpBuilder-NG library and has access to most of its features, summarized below:


The Gradle HTTP plugin is available via the Gradle Plugins Repository (io.github.http-builder-ng.http-plugin). It can be applied to your build.gradle file with the following:

plugins {
    id "io.github.http-builder-ng.http-plugin" version "0.1.1"


Once you have applied the plugin to your build, you need to create a custom task to use it. The following code would create a task called "notify", which would send a POST request to with the specified body content whenever the task is executed.

task notify(type:HttpTask){
    config {
        request.uri = ''
    post {
        request.uri.path = '/notify'
        request.body = [event: 'activated']
        response.success {
            println 'The event notification was successful'

The User Guide provides more detailed information about configuring and using the plugin.